Explore The Best Time To Visit Coorg

Explore The Best Time To Visit Coorg

Have you planned to take a trip to Coorg this vacation? If you are wondering about the perfect time to visit Coorg, then this is the right blog to read. In short, the months from December to February is considered to be the best. Let it be a holiday plan for kids, family or friends! On the other hand, it is also a fantastic idea to visit Madikeri for honeymoon in this season


Lovable Temperature To Experience At Least Once!

One thing all the tourists love about Coorg is its pleasant temperature. Especially, in the months of Dec, Jan and Feb, the weather temperature falls below 10 degrees. How about in summer? Is this your question right now? In this period, the temperature remains enjoyable that is around 25 degrees. Now, the decision is yours! Based on your environment expectations and temperature conditions, you can choose the best time to visit Coorg.

Needless to say, Coorg is popularly known as “The Scotland Of India”. This place is blessed with nature’s beauty and attracts thousands of people every month. Of course, the abundant hill station is truly a blessing to our South India. Don’t you think so? Before we explore in-depth information about the best time to visit Madikeri, we all must be thankful to the following impressive elements of Coorg:

  • Eye-Catching landscapes
  • Breathtaking mountains
  • Huge Collection of Flora and Fauna
  • Beautiful Sight Seeing Locations
  • Exciting Adventure Activities
  • Excellent Coorg Climate

Why should one even miss such an heavenly place? This list should be enough to spot a perfect vacation! Majorly, people from the highly populated cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Coimbatore, and Mangalore flush into Coorg especially during winter months. Want to escape from the stressful city life? Get out of it this weekend. In fact, Kodagu seems to be a perfect place to visit throughout the year. Generally, people tend to avoid rainy season. But, there are few who preferrable want to enjoy the rains in Coorg too. Above all, the refreshing Coorg weather is a perfect reason for you to get out of city life.

Explore More About Climate Conditions in Coorg

Summer Season in Coorg

Lets talk about the summer season in Madikeri. Is summer a good time to visit Coorg? Generally, the summer season falls in the months of March to May. We all are aware the Coorg is a fantastic hill station. Will you agree? So, the weather remains pleasant during the summer. To be more precise, the temperature stays between 15 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius. The coolness in Kodagu is as always expected. When you compare the summer temperature in you city with Coorg, definitely it should be a great escape from the scorching heat. So, you can consider the Coorg weather in April is decent and far better from your city regions. This is the reason why many tourists drive to Coorg during Summer season. The maximum Coorg temperature in May reaches 35 degrees. Anyways, it makes out to be the best place to visit Coorg in Summer.

Winter Season in Coorg

Coorg during winter season experiences the low temperature range. Compare to summer, people love to visit Coorg during winter more! This is because of the chilling weather. During the october month, you can expect the temperature to drop drastically. This is the time when winter begins. However, the climate will not cross above 20 degrees during winter. Isn’t it an excellent place to bring some wow factor to your vacation? I should not forget to mention that the adventurous activities like rafting, trekking, hiking, camping will be even more fun during winter in Coorg. Generally, tourists wish to celebrate new year vibes in Coorg. This is an amazing idea. But, book your hotels and resorts in advance as they get filled up faster during winter season. Coorg weather in winter goes down to even 8 degrees. The chill and freezing wind invites tourists from all over the southern states. Hence, it is enough to say winter is the best time to visit Coorg.

Monsoon Season in Coorg

How much do you love to spend time in nature and rain? Is it good to choose monsoon as the perfect time to visit Coorg this vacation? The rains begin in the June month. It continues to be the same till september month. The intensity of rain would be more and might not be the best choice for adventurous activities. So, people generally avoid visiting Coorg during Monsoon. The intense showers will not allow you to enjoy the nature’s beauty to the fullest. Mark these months as the off-season. However, in the beginning of June, the summer temperature starts to fall. So, you can pick this time frame to visit and come back before heavy showers start. Another point to add here! If you want to enjoy the nature of Coorg at an economical packages, do choose this off-season visit. You will get it at a much better price. So, monsoon should be the best time to visit Coorg for people with budget constraints. Both the accommodation and transportation comes up with lower packages.

Best Time To Take Part in Adventure Activities in Coorg

Keeping weather conditions in all the months, I would say there are two time frames that best fits for planning the trip to Coorg. They are:

  • October to November
  • March to May

Once the summer season is close by, it would be the perfect time to enjoy the cooler hill station of Coorg. So you can finalize your decision, pack the bags, and travel straight to Kodagu. These should be the perfect time to relax and feel refreshed. During summer, day time might seem to be warm but it is definitely not intolerable. If you wish to spend time outside, choose either morning or evening. Don’t forget to add some extra time for sipping the coffee in the amidst of nature. If you are an adventure geek, then again this is the perfect choice for your next holiday vacation.

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