9 Reasons Why Your Next Travel Destination Must Be Coorg

9 Reasons Why Your Next Travel Destination Must Be Coorg

Coorg is a little town in the district of Karnataka. Known for its coffee plantations, it is a tranquil town among the Western Ghats of Southern India. People usually plan a small visit to Coorg to experience abundant coffee plantations, wildlife and the ethnic people. Coorg is considered to be the most visited destinations in India. Particularly for the people who love nature, its beauty, greenery and peacefulness.

Coorg is gaining popularity in the recent times as the most visited tourist destination in India. If you are still planning on why Coorg should be your next travel destination in India. We have covered by the best 9 reasons in this post today! Further, Its is within the driving destinations from popular places like Mysore and Bangalore. To understand the major leisure places for travellers, we have crafted some beautiful and best reasons to visit Coorg this vacation.

Coorg is also referred to as the Scotland of India. The serene beauty is a little town in the Western Ghats among the southern part of Karnataka. One can visit this place for amazing coffee plantations, scenic natural views, wildlife experience etc. The aromatic smell of coffee, alluring mountains and wildlife sanctuary. Coorg need not have any further introduction! Let us read more on the best reasons why you should visit Coorg.

1. Puthari Festival

The harvesting festival of Coorg, the best time to experience traditional song, dance and celebrations is during the November end to Start of December. It is celebrated as the new rice harvesting time. This should be considered as the best experience for tourists who visit Coorg.

Puthari means fresh rice harvest. In India, and most popularly South India. The harvesting of rice is given the top preference. The locals in Coorg celebrate this time as a cultural festival.

2. Bylakuppe

If you want to buy authentic handicrafts. Bylakuppe is one solid place in Coorg, you must try authentic tibetan momos, architecture from the local shops.

Did you know that the biggest tibetan settlement in India is at Coorg? Here, you can experience different cultures, religions, handicrafts etc.

3. Coffee Plantations

Coorg is the largest exporter of freshly roasted coffee beans. Coorg coffee is famous for blue colour beans. You must experience the coffee plantations, try picking few seeds and experience the Kodava Style!

You can find a plethora of coffee plantations in Coorg. The best part of visiting Coorg this vacation is you can feel the natural aroma and also taste different flavoured natural coffee!

4. Coorg Hockey Festival

Hockey is a craze in Coorg. The hockey festival in Coorg is also recognized by Guinness Book of World Records for having the maximum teams playing at once. Few of the players have also been qualified and represented India in the World Cup Finals.

5. Angling

Fishing is most common in Coorg. Visitors from various countries come and have fun during the Angling season. One can have a picturesque view of fishing done by the professional anglers.

If you are fond of fishes, you can have a nice time catching and spotting few of them! Remember, there is no better place than Coorg for fun and leisure activities.

6. Bhagamandala

Bhagamandala has a lot of history to be told about Coorg! It is the place where Cauvery and Kanika joins Sujyothi from the underground. It is a 10 century old temple where pilgrims have their holy dip at the sangama.

When you visit this place, you can have the best positive vibes with a peaceful mind and soul. The attraction include Sri Bhagandeswara, Sri Subramanya and Sri Narayana temples all at one place.

7. Microlighting

A instructor led two seater gliders is on the top chart of must do things in Coorg! These hand held gliders can reach upto a height of 5000 feet with a top speed of 100 km/hr. Its a mere majestic experience to view the entire coorg from this height! How about having a classic bird view and have the best experience at Coorg this vacation!

Well, do you want to fly like a eagle and roam freely from a distance of 5000 feet from ground? Microlighting Flying is one of the must to do things when you visit Coorg.

8. River Rafting

River rafting in Coorg is one among the top attractions to do in Coorg. Either you being a first timer or a non swimmer. The guide will help you out in having a stunned river rafting experience. As a safety measure, you are also given the gears that will keep you safe.

Do you know the best part here is you decide the time you want to raft, and not the organizers? I mean you have nature, you have coffee plantations and then you also have river rafting! Wow.. you must be killing time if you are not visiting coorg this vacation.

9. Homestays & Local Cuisine

What is the whole point of visiting Coorg and not having to experience the Kodava Style? There are awesome homestays in Coorg that are friendly for family, friends and business conference. Experience the Kodava Style of home cooked meals, coffee plantations, traditional culture, home made wine and honey etc.

Get to explore traditional meat rich foods in the Kodava Style! They are cooked with coconut, spices and of course the curry leaves! Pork is a local favorite here, but you can also experience Barbeque Chicken, Mutton and Fish!

For more information on Homestays in Coorg, get in touch with famous Coorg Vintage Woods today!

Coorg is a beautiful place with a pleasant weather throughout the year. Well, coorg is a place where you want to come back again and again for things they are popular for! So visit this gem of a place where you can experience different cultures, religions and natural beauty!

Now that we know the reasons of visiting Coorg this vacation. It is among the top list of places to visit in India. So if you have never visited Coorg in your lifetime. All you have to do is just pack your bags and should be heading to South Karnataka this vacation. We hope you have now known the 9 Reasons on Why your next travel destination must be Coorg!

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