Coorg's Beauty Revealed Why Coorg is Popular as The Scotland Of India

Coorg's Beauty Revealed! Why Coorg is Popular as "The Scotland Of India?"

In this blog post, you can learn about Why Coorg is known as the Scotland of India. In the local Kannada language, Coorg is also renowned as Kodagu. Coorg seems to be a must visit destination for nature lovers. Do not miss out to experience the green surrounding and mesmerizing landscape! It would serve as a great surprise when you plan a trip with your family and friends.

Britishers who lived in India coined the term “The Scotland Of India” with all the affection they had about the place. This small town is blessed with abundance of greenery along with extensive wildlife. Did you know? Coorg is known as the largest producer of Coffee in India. Of course, coffee plantations are the center of attraction of this place. There are a plethora of places in Coorg that is being loved and protected from decades. The charm and importance of each place cannot be described in few words.

Here comes the main question! Why Coorg is called as the Scotland of India? Let’s explore the reasons below. You might come across some known as well as unknown facts.

Reason 1: Attention Grabbing Hills

How can we ignore such a fantastic and rolling hill stations of Coorg? This beautiful place is outlined by Western Ghats. As a result, it proudly owns the best ecosystem in India. You can find the wide range of wildlife, flora, and fauna in the amidst of forest. This makes Coorg as the most expected nature retreats for all of us. Do you agree? You can find different mountain ranges that falls in Madikeri. Majorly, it includes Pushpagiri, Brahmagiri, and Tadiandamol. Are you an adventure lover? Then, choose Coorg as your next destination.

Reason 2: Impressive Estate Stays

When we peep into the history of Coorg, it highlights the stories about British settlers. They are the ones who began the coffee cultivation. Also, they started the trend of building attractive homes in the middle of green coffee plantation. Even now, the trend follows and popularly referred to as homestay or estate stay in Coorg. Your love for Coorg enlightens when coffee estate bungalows comes into consideration. Doesn’t it? This seems to be the evident reason why tourists get attracted to spend time in Coorg homestays. In fact, Britishers are the one who called Coorg as Scotland of India.

Reason 3: Plenty Of Waterfalls

Do you love to spend some time in green nature and wild waterfalls? Pick up some of the best spots here at Coorg to spend heavenly time with your friends and family. Most importantly, Coorg is the land of Kaveri. This is the main reason why Coorg is blessed with extensive range of coffee and spice plantations. Inhale scents of Cardamom and feel mesmerized by the beauty of glorious waterfalls. Some of the famous waterfalls are Abbey Falls, Iruppu Falls, Mallalli Falls, Chelavara Falls, and Burude Falls. Experience to the fullest in the July and September months.

Reason 4: Attractive Palace and Forts

If you look back into the previous kingdoms of Coorg, there lived many warrior kings. This paved way for some of the beautiful forts and palaces in Coorg. All of them are built in the Kodavas Style. This typical style has added an extra beauty to the Coorg landscape. To give you some examples, I can say Madikeri Fort and Nalknad Palace are the best ones. They have an amazing ancient architecture in place. You must explore it if you have not done so far! Even today, they have proved to be the top archeological study sites. This is another reason why we proudly call Coorg as the Scotland of India.

Reason 5: Lovable Weather All Through The Year

Kodagu is a collection of green hill stations. This makes all of us to expect Coorg to have chill and perfect weather. You should notice that Coorg has a special fact about its weather when compared to other Indian hill stations. Did you notice that Coorg falls in tropical region and still remains as the best tourism spot. Just pick any month of the year and Coorg seems to be have a perfect weather. However, we still recommend you to plan a trip to Coorg during October to March months. This allows you to enjoy the beauty of Coorg in a full fledged manner. You get that beautiful aroma from the coffee plantation. Also, get a chance to experience the bursting valley and forceful waterfalls.

Reason 6: Kodavas Tradition and Culture

Kodavas culture and heritage do have have rich legacy. We must not forget about their past. People of Coorg are known for being courageous and warrior-like from the beginning days. The attire and weapons they use are considered as the proofs of holding such a bold background. However, to add up on these, we can take their cuisine and local culture into consideration. We must appreciate the nobility Kodavas possess which is unique from the rest of places in India.

Final Words

There are attention seeking green forests and vegetation that covers up the entire hill stations in Coorg. Adventure lovers should not forget this place! It is a must to be added in your list. Let it be trekking, or exploring scenic beauty like waterfalls! Coorg is the best place for tourism and there is no other place that matches this gifted city. People from far away places come to visit the scenic beauty. This tourist destination is definitely a worth for your time and money! Before you visit, learn the importance and history of Coorg. Choose this place to refresh from the city life and feel in the arms of nature. It has the right mix of greenery, vegetation, culture, history, food, and heritage. This unique blend of beautiful elements is possible only in Coorg.

Why Kodagu is known as Scotland of India? It should not be a question anymore. Hopefully, this blog post has given enough information about the same. If you are an Indian, be proud. Otherwise, break your curiosity by visiting Coorg and exploring nature's bliss.

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