Book The Best Coorg Homestay For Group

Book The Best Coorg Homestay For Group

At Coorg Vintage Woods, you get an amazing Madikeri homestay experience for group of 10 to 15 members. Be prepared to enjoy the local culture and heritage of Kodagu. When you are with us, be guaranteed about the authentic tourist accommodation. So, how eager are you to experience the lifestyle in Coorg? Whether it is a bunch of family members or friends! Doesn’t matter. Our group homestay is your perfect choice. This is a dedicate Coorg stay for only one team. Be assured that the space is not shared with any other customers. You can book the homestay in Coorg with food facility by giving us a quick call.

Our dedicated estate stay for groups is maintained by an excellent housekeeping faculty. Ultimately, our aim is to provide the tourists an incredible homestay experience. Do you need a rejuvenating vacation after a stressful work life? A trip to Coorg with gang of friends is always a brilliant idea. When you visit Coorg Vintage Woods, it feels wonderful to stay in palace estate. Enjoy the nature’s beauty without any external disturbance in our Madikeri homestay for family / friends. If you want to get away from Bangalore or any other city, Madikeri seems to be the finest option for sure.

Unique Features Of Our Madikeri Homestay For Group

Even before you think of Coorg homestay booking, it is good to learn about the features of accommodation. This helps you to make better decisions. In turn, it elevates your trip experience to next level. Here are the list of unique features we promise when you stay at Coorg Vintage Woods.

● Distinctive and Well Built

We have an excellent independent house built in the mid of huge coffee plantation. Come and experience the stay in estate. No one else will disturb your enjoyment. Your group can completely enjoy the serene atmosphere. It is not same as other hotels and resorts. We own a unique homestay near Madikeri. The photos in our gallery tells you about the quality and outlook of the homestay. It is going to be an everlasting memory in your lifetime for sure.

● Impressive Interiors

This is one of the most important reasons why we suggest customers to choose our budget homestay in Coorg. You will have unmatched experience when it comes to luxury and interiors. There are well maintained double bedrooms, single bedrooms, TV hall, kitchen, and bathroom. How can we forget to mention the green surroundings, a closed hut like space to sit and chat? There is ample of space outside too. You can use it for playing games and even campfire.

● Personalized Services

Unlike other hotels, we focus on offering the personalized services to the group stay. Our team ensures that the guests receive the individual attention in every aspect. Just let us know what are the requirements, we keep it ready on your visit. If you are looking for the best homestay in Madikeri with campfire and food, you must consider Coorg Vintage Woods. All the facilities are available in reality and not just in words. In final words, tell us what you want and expect the same when you come visit our luxury homestay in Coorg.

● Safe and Secure

Coorg Vintage Woods is one of the safest homestay in Madikeri for family and friends. Just do not worry even if you are travelling to Kodagu for the first time. We safeguard your stay at nature with us. This is an independent house exclusively built for the group of people to stay safe. Forget the worries when you are in a good homestay. In addition, you get suggestions and advice from our team who are experienced about the places, food, and culture of Coorg. Talk to us and not only make your trip the most memorable but safest one too.

● Sound Local Knowledge

We are a storehouse of excellent information about Kodagu. Understanding the expectations from our homestay visitors, we can help you greatly in planning a perfect trip in the local areas. You will exactly know what to see, where to go, what to eat, what to buy in Coorg once you are with us. This helps you to avoid unnecessary waste of time and enjoy the best in your limited stay period. Based in Madikeri, we do have good networking in the local places and can get you a perfect local travel plan. Do not miss out to stay in this classic and luxury homestays for group of 10 to 15 members.

● Home Made Food

When you plan a trip to Coorg, tasting the local style home made cuisine stands on top. The food prepared at Coorg Vintage Woods is far different from the one you get to taste in hotels or restaurants. The dishes cooked by Indian hands will promise the best taste at our forest stay. Of course, you can plan a mix of home made and outside food based on your schedule. However, we guarantee the authentic style of preparation based on your selected menu. Experience that variation in flavour of Coorg style food. You will truly love it!

Choose The Best Homestay in Coorg For Family and Friends

The idea of homestay is itself an exciting option when you plan a trip with family and friends. Coorg homestay pops out to be the most prominent choice. It is important to make a wise decision. Your vacation comes once in a while. Getting it properly done is your responsibility. So, Coorg Vintage Woods asks you to make a detailed enquiry before making the final decision. Ask us any questions you want, look into the gallery for real photos, see our testimonials and reviews. This independent group stay is an excellent choice for family and friends who are looking out for private enjoyment time.

The photos of our Coorg homestay is transparently put in front of you. We want you to spend the vacation happily here. Our main intention is to provide you the best memory down the lane. Book your group Madikeri homestay and let us know your requirements. We will definitely make it happen!

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