A Perfect 3 Days Coorg Travel Plan For Your Next Holidays

A Perfect 3 Days Coorg Travel Plan For Your Next Holidays

How does a perfect 3 days trip to Coorg look like? In this blog post, I have provided a detailed travel plan. You can always make the modifications based on your priorities. This is like a skeleton plan for you! Customize it as per your needs. Before we begin, keep in mind that the best time to visit Coorg is between October and March. There are few questions you must ask yourself even before starting to plan. To make your job easier, here is the list:

  • What is the mode of transportation you are planning to use?
  • What are the popular place in Coorg that should not be missed?
  • What are the things I should pack for adventure activities?
  • Where to stay in Coorg? Do you prefer hotel or homestay?

So, these are some questions to which you need answers in order to make a perfect plan. Are you ready to start the journey to Coorg? Madikeri is an amazing hill top destination for nature lovers! There would be a lot of confusions when planning a trip with family or friends. If you are also in the same dilemma, this blog post is for you!

Pick The Best Mode Of Transportation For Your Coorg Trip

If you are wondering about how to reach Coorg, then this is the right place to seek information. There are four main transportation modes tourists can opt. It includes:

1. Reach By Bus

There are frequent buses that travel to Madikeri. You gotta make a local transportation from Madikeri to your place of accommodation. However, there are less frequent busses to the small towns of Madikeri too. It includes Virajpet, Gonikoppal, Somvarapet, etc. It depends on your choice. There are groups who prefer travelling to Coorg in the adventurous manner and hence choose bus!

2. Reach By Train

There is no railway station in Coorg. You must go to either Mysore or Mangalore and then travel back to Coorg by other modes of transportation. I would suggest you to go to Mysore railway station. There are more frequent buses travelling to Coorg and also to small towns.

3. Reach By Air

Again, Coorg does not have an airport. So, people should either go to Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, or Calicut airport. Based on your starting point, you can choose the nearest possible airport destination.

4. Reach By Drive

If you are crazy about driving and if the journey time is between 6 to 8 hours from your starting point, you can always choose to travel by own. It should be an amazing experience to drive through the dense forest and enjoy the cool breeze. However, be prepared about the routes. This helps you to save time and reach Coorg as planned.

Best Places to Visit in Coorg For A 3 Day Travel Plan

Considering that, you want to go for a 3 days trip to Coorg, here is the list of places you can visit accordingly. Make sure that you are in Madikeri at least by 8:00 AM of the first day. So that you can cover the places listed below. Otherwise, it is required to modify the plan as per your travel timings.

Day 1 Coorg Tourism Plan

  • Place 1: Dubare forest - It is popular for elephant camp.
  • Place 2: Nisargadhama - It is an island formed by River Kaveri.
  • Place 3:Homestay - Check in for the homestay you have booked by at least afternoon.
  • Place 4: Madikeri Fort - Beautiful fort and a palace to have a look at.
  • Place 5: Raja Seat - Mesmerizing garden of flowers along with some artificial fountains.
  • Place 6: Back to Homestay - Enjoy the nightlife at Coorg Homestay.

Day 2 Coorg Tourism Plan

  • Place 1: Finish your breakfast and move out from homestay / resort.
  • Place 2: Talacauvery - Must see source of Kaveri on the Brahmagiri hills.
  • Place 3: Abbey Falls - Must visit waterfalls in Kodagu for tourists.
  • Place 4: Drive Back to homestay or resort

Day 3 Coorg Tourism Plan

  • Place 1: Checkout from Homestay / resort.
  • Place 2: Visit Buddhist Monastery on the way back
  • Place 3: Visit Golden Temple and spend good time on the way back
  • Place 4: Travel back to your starting point.

Of course, there are many more wonderful places to visit in Coorg. As this plan is for 3 days, the major destinations have been covered. You can add and remove the places you want if the travel distance comes within your time constraints. Most evidently, the popular tourists spots are covered in the above plan.

Important Things To Pack Before Starting Your Journey To Coorg

Keep your luggage as small as possible. When you have less to carry, it gives an opportunity to explore more.

If you have plans of trekking or any other adventurous activities, it becomes necessary to carry energy drinks and protein bars.

If you are under medication, make sure you include them in the baggage on high priority.

If you are travelling to coorg during monsoon season, it becomes necessary to carry mosquito repellents. Get some warm sweaters and woolen caps to counter the chill weather.

These are some of the basic things you should include in the luggage. Others are your preferences. Book your resorts or homestays in advance. As they will be generally occupied and you might end up in trouble. Sometimes, you will have to wait for hours together to find out a good accomodation. Do not delay your reach to Coorg. Ensure you are there early morning. Or else, it would be difficult to cover more places as per the plan.

Be aware of the good restaurants on the way. This helps you to avoid staying hunger for a long time. Especially if you are driving to Coorg. It becomes your responsibility to plan your meal and snack timings. Make every moment of your trip as memorable as possible. Do not go for fast driving. Enjoy while you drive. You might witness some of the wild animals along the journey to Coorg. Most of the tourism places close by evening 6. So, make sure you start the day early and come back to homestays as soon as possible. Remember, you have a lot to explore even in homestay. Have a safe and enjoyable trip to Coorg. I hope this 3 day trip plan to Coorg serves you as the best guide ever!

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