Explore Great Flavours Of Wine And Delicious Coorg Honey

Explore Great Flavours Of Wine and Delicious Coorg Honey

Explore the 30 different flavors of wine. Buy your favorites when you are here with us. Also, do not miss to taste the Coorg honey sold at our homestay

Indulge yourself from sipping homegrown coffee to gazing yourself overlooking the lush green scenery!

You must be aware of special items available only in Kodagu. Our forest side homestay might be your destination. But, we have something special for you. You can take them to your hometown and enhance the memory of your Madikeri trip. If you are thinking about what to buy in Coorg? Especially when you are at our holiday homes, you must look at:

  • 30 varieties of home made wine
  • Coorg Honey

Coorg Homemade Wine

Of course! It is a very well known fact that Coorg is famous for its food and culture. Among the list of special food items, you cannot ignore homemade Coorg wine. When you visit our homestay in Madikeri, this should be an exciting part of your journey. Most of our homestay guests spend quality time exploring about 30 different flavours of wine. Don’t forget! There is always a time for a glass of wine when you come to Coorg Vintage Woods. We understand that wine is a passion for many of you out there! Coorg women are mysteriously connected to the preparation of homemade wine from all the possible fruits, vegetables, leaves, and certain flowers too. Can you imagine the creativity of Coorg women? They are too amazing when it comes to handcrafted wines. We are 100% sure that our wine store would be a feast for your eyes. Get the true and wild experience of Coorg only at our estate stay in Madikeri. A good combination would be Wine with Barbequed Meat! I mean what is more pleasure than to have a Meat with Wine along the Dense Forest at the coolest temperature! Bliz, isn’t it?

Coorg Natural Honey

 Kodagu is blessed with misty hill station and spectacular coffee plantation. But you should not forget about the natural honey produced in Coorg! It is the most expected food product for those who visit Madikeri. You might not know where to buy Coorg natural honey! So, our team has made your job easier. There is no need to go in search of best Coorg honey when you visit our homestay in Virajpet. Getting a bottle of typical Coorg honey is truly a blessing for the tourists like you. When it comes to purity, we can give you the matchless quality. The flavour of natural honey is always in highest demand. When you choose to visit the Coorg Vintage Woods – Best Homestay in Madikeri, you can explore the bottles of honey displayed for you to take home as a luxury from Virajpet Market. So, don’t forget to checkout the most sweetest and purest homemade honey at our homestay in coorg. What’s more, it is cheapest and yummiest honey in Coorg!

Move To Coorg This Vacation - Perfect Way To Enjoy Nature’s Bliss

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