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10 Impressive Things You Must Do In Coorg

Did you know Coorg is referred to as Scotland Of India! Are you a coffee lover, photographer, adventure seeker, food lover, cultural enthusiasts? This region is known for High Quality Coffee, Local Spices, Nature View and more.


Explore The Best Time To Visit Coorg - Details Inside…

Have you planned to take a trip to Coorg this vacation? If you are wondering about the perfect time to visit Coorg, then this is the right blog to read. In short, the months from December to February is considered to be the best.

Look Into The Culture,Festival And Tradition Of Kodavas

Coorg has a long history and it is really interesting to know about its cultures, festivals and traditions. Over the centuries, different dynasties ruled Kodagu and thus have been adopted many cultures and traditions.


Don't Miss These 8 Kick-Ass Places When You Visit Coorg

Every year thousands of tourists across regions get attracted to the ancient landmarks and adventurous hiking trails. Places to visit in Coorg includes serene lakes, national parks, beautiful mountains, and of course the pleasant coffee fields!


A Perfect 3 Days Coorg Travel Plan For Your Next Holidays!

How does a perfect 3 days trip to Coorg look like? In this blog post, I have provided a detailed travel plan. You can always make the modifications based on your priorities.
This is like a skeleton plan for you!


9 Tips To Choose The Perfect Homestay For Your Next Vacation!!

You might need some expert tips to enhance your homestay experience! This blog post lets you know the helpful tips to choose a perfect homestay. When going on a holiday, there are pretty number of things to keep in consideration


9 Reasons Why Your Next Travel Destination Must Be Coorg!!

Coorg is Known for its coffee plantations, itis a tranquil town among the Western Ghats of Southern India. Coorg is considered to be the most visited destinations in India


Coorg's Beauty Revealed! Why Coorg is Popular as "The Scotland Of India?"

Coorg seems to be a must visit destination for nature lovers.Britishers who lived in India coined the term “The Scotland Of India” with all the affection they had about the place.


10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Homestays Instead Of Hotels

As per today’s travel trends, homestays are the most popular tourist destinations opted by people. In the meanwhile, Coorg Homestay has stolen the attention of Indian and International travellers.Are you enthusiastic about homestays?

Move To Coorg This Vacation - Perfect Way To Enjoy Nature’s Bliss

You just cannot afford to miss the holiday experience you get at Coorg Vintage Woods. The best homestay in Virajpet, Madikeri. Try out exciting adventures, mouth watering dishes, and many more. Enquire now to know more…